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Donnell & Allred, Inc. has been providing water right consultations in northwest Wyoming since the 1930's. John W. Donnell, P.E.& L.S. (retired), past owner and ongoing consultant with the firm is one of the most experienced professionals in Wyoming concerning water rights. Our principals, Sherman B. Allred, P.E.& L.S., and Mike W. Donnell, P.E. have been actively working on water right mapping, petitions and applications for many years. This includes applications for both surface and ground water rights and reservoirs. We will complete petitions for "Change of Point of Diversion and Means of Conveyance"," Amendment of Land Description", and to "Correct Errors". We also provide the necessary surveying and mapping to accompany applications and petitions as well as for "Proof of Appropriation and Beneficial Use of Ground Water."

Other firms or even the individual may prepare some of the documents and do some records research, but Wyoming Water Law requires that the maps be prepared by a licensed engineer or surveyor. Donnell & Allred has licensed engineers with extensive water rights experience available for your water right consultation, as well as licensed surveyors to take care of water rights mapping.

Every water right problem is unique and has to be dealt with according to the circumstances involved. Many of the water users have changed their points of diversions and lands being irrigated without the proper paper work and are thus in violation of Wyoming Water Law. Donnell & Allred, Inc. can review your water rights, tell you if and what problems exist and do all the work required to put them in order.